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Final Grades 2014: Alex Tanguay, #40

It's hard not to imagine how different the playoffs would have been if Tangs had stayed healthy.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Tanguay returning to the Avalanche was more than just a feel-good move. He could still play the game, and he had the talent and experience the young team needed to jump to the next level. For the time he was able to play, it was everything we'd hoped it would be. He still had the vision and the hands; he made those around him better. Then he got hurt, and hearts broke a little. Even back then, we knew that losing Tangs would negatively affect any playoff hopes, whether that was just getting there or making it past the first round. Getting there ended up working out just fine, but had the team made it to that second round, giving Tanguay a chance to come back, who knows where the team would have ended up.

Regular Season

16 4 7 11 7 4 0 1 2 24 16.7

Advanced Stats 5 v. 5
CF% CF% Rel GF% GF% Rel Sh% Sv% PDO
47.80% 1.80% 65.00% 0.90% 12.30% 93.50% 105.7



Staff Comments

Sandie: It's hard to grade Tangs because a) 2001 is forever in my heart b) TANGS!!! c) him coming meant no more SoB d) TANGS e) all them injuries!!! Sad face. Sad Panda. When he played it was great. Just need more Tangs.

Mike: Brought in to mentor the younger guys and provide depth.  Played 16 games.  So yeah…

Cheryl: I look at Tangs' stats and think, "Wow, 11 points in 16 games. Not too shabby for an old dude." Then I look at that shooting percentage and think, "UNSUSTAINABLE!!!" Then I remember this is Alex Tanguay we're talking about (where a 16% accuracy rate is average) and think, "FUCK. Why did he have to get hurt?!?" Tangs was missed in the playoffs. Period. With him in the line up, the Avs face the Blackhawks. It's not just what he would have provided on the ice. His own experiences playing in the playoffs, being such an important piece of that 2001 win, would have been invaluable in that locker room. Yeah, he could say stuff at practices or whatever. But the words of wisdom on the bench and in the locker room between periods that make the real difference. His voice was needed.

Preseason Thoughts

Earl: I think Tanguay will be the most beneficial (addition to the team), at least at first, but if McKinnon has a rookie year like Duchene he'll surpass him in the end.

Cole: Tanguay is a nice feel good signing for the fans and he seems like he has a little something left in the tank. I doubt his scoring will increase much, but after scoring 69 points just 3 years ago, I’d say 50-60 points on a line with Stastny and Landeskog is a possibility. Tanguay gives the Avs some good forward depth and, more importantly, he replaces Milan Hejduk’s steady veteran influence on the front end.

Sandie: I think the biggest benefit is going to be Tanguay, but not on the scoreboard. His leadership abilities will be relied on heavily this season.

Andi: Tanguay's still only 33 and has a lot left to offer.

Cheryl: I love that Alex Tanguay is back with the team and not for just nostalgia's sake. Tangs has a chip on his shoulder and has said repeatedly that he believes his best hockey is still ahead of him. I'm hoping the synergy of a fast, goal-scoring forward corps will help him realize that goal. The addition of Tangs could prove to be the biggest benefit.