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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL June 17, 2014

Doug Pensinger

The Los Angeles mayor believes that winning the cup makes for a big fucking day.

He’s the ultimate button-down, blue-suited mayor. But put Eric Garcetti in a hockey jersey and there’s no telling what he might do.

On Monday, he let fly with the F-word in front of millions of people as he led his city in celebration of the Los Angeles Kings’ second Stanley Cup championship in three years.

Having shed his pinstriped suit of choice for a hockey jersey, Garcetti stepped in front of TV cameras and some 19,000 people gathered at Staples Center, where the Kings won the Cup on Friday.

“There are two rules in politics,” the usually soft-spoken mayor told the Kings and their fans. “They say never ever be pictured with a drink in your hand. And never ever swear.

“But this is a big f—ing day. Way to go, guys.”

Doug Weight is now an assistant coach.

The New York Islanders have promoted Doug Weight to assistant general manager and added Greg Cronin as an assistant to head coach Jack Capuano.

Weight will also remain as an assistant coach on Capuano's staff, the Islanders said Monday.

The 51-year-old Cronin spent the past three seasons as an assistant with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Before that, Cronin was the head coach at Northeastern University for six years, where he earned the Bob Kullen coach of the year award in Hockey East in 2008-09.

Our sister site, Matchsticks and Gasoline wants the Flams to buyout both SoB and David Jones...

But speaking of O'Brien... Wow, that was a really bad trade, wasn't it?

O'Brien is in the minors. O'Brien has been in the minors since late January, and he isn't likely to resurface. He was apparently sent down because he wasn't buying into the hard work culture the Flames were trying to instil. Also he just isn't very good.

O'Brien's contract is a one-way, which means he's getting paid his NHL salary no matter what. This upcoming season, he's due $2.2 million; management has the chance to save a couple of bucks if they just get rid of him right now (although the baby Flames don't have too much going for them on defence). In the meantime, he only counts $1.075 million against the cap, so the Flames should still be able to reach the cap floor without him. He's the strongest (probably only) candidate for a Flames compliance buyout.