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MHH Meetup? To draft party or not to draft party

It's about that time of year, so let's figure out what we're doing.

Bruce Bennett

Last year about this time, there was significant reason to watch the draft. A first overall pick? Hell ya I want to be there with a bunch of other MHHers, having beers and watching Patty and Joe pick the guy who's supposed to shape the team's future. But this season, we're picking way down at 23rd. Do we want to get together for that??

FYI, here is the line up for the Avs. Round 1 is on June 27th at 7 pm. Rounds 2-7 is on June 28th at 10 am.

1st Round - 23rd pick
2nd Round - no pick (to Calgary for Reto Berra)
3rd Round - 84th pick
4th Round - 98th pick (from Toronto for Ryan O'Byrne)
4th Round - 114th pick
5th Round - 144th pick
6th Round - 174th pick
7th Round - 204th pick