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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL June 19, 2014

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ESPN takes a look at the Colorado Avalanche.

Recommended Strategy: With the slot Colorado has with their first pick, they could be in a position to take either Roland McKeown or Julius Honka. Both are right-handed defenders to offset their top left-handed prospects in Bigras and Siemens. Both don't project as 22- to 25-minutes-a-night types of players, but they do have top-four upside. Defenders rarely will catch up to forwards on a development scale, but it helps round out their system. Their overall system depth isn't great enough that if a top defense prospect isn't at their pick, and they can't make a reasonable trade, they should just pick the best player available.

The Sharks rebuild makes little sense.

They’ve been the NHL’s model of consistency, with 10 consecutive years in the postseason and an average of more than 106 points per 82 games played.

Now, the San Jose Sharks are – apparently – talking about tearing it down.

"We now become a tomorrow team," was how general manager Doug Wilson put it rather dramatically earlier this week, raising eyebrows around the league. "When you spell that out, it does create a response."

Our sister site, Jaspers' Rink, has an article bout back up goaltenders.

Yesterday, GM Brian MacLellan noted that the Caps had interest in bringing in a veteran netminder to serve as Braden Holtby's backup, with Philipp Grubauer ideally getting another year as the starter in Hershey. It's likely the best option for the Caps at the moment - a way to give Holtby a renewed boost of confidence as the team's established starter, and to allow Grubauer a bit more time to get experience at the AHL level (all while keeping an eye on the team's cap situation).

If the team is in fact looking to bring in a veteran, they picked a decent time to go shopping. This summer will feature a pretty large, if not particularly deep, pool of unrestricted free agent goaltenders (and a few others potentially available via trade) - a veritable buffet of options at all ages and price tags from which the Caps can pick.