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Weekend Links: Barrie, Elliott and other randomness

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Since Friday's Cupcakes are both huge and buried, let's have more!

Lost in the maelstrom on Friday, Dater reported that Tyson Barrie and Stefan Elliott were also given qualifying offers along with Joey Hishon. Glad we'll be keeping Stef, but the fact that Barrie needs a QO along with his association with Wolfram & Hart Newport Sports is troubling to a degree.

Dater forgets of course that there are other RFA's in the organization, like Karl Stollery, Paul Carey, and Milatterson, no word on their status but it doesn't look great at this point for them returning.

If you haven't had the chance, give a listen to Altitude's Super Summer Pod for some good spitballing by Mose and Sunnyside.

Also want to give another plug to a few fanposts by zandar (Pracey... & Re-Drafting...) and Rob M (Thoughts on the Draft Part 1 & Part 2), good reading about the draft and the Avs tendencies.

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Awards are on Tuesday night, UFA discussions begin frealz on Wednesday and the Draft starts Friday night. Big week ahead! Bonne chance!