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2014 NHL Draft Starts Tonight! Television and other essential info inside

We're back to the non-exhausting, one day devoted to the first round format this year.

Mitchell Leff

Ladies and gentlemen, the Pierre-iest time of the year has come round again. The 2014 Entry Draft gets underway tonight in Philadelphia! Last year we had the whole draft in one go, and by the end of it everyone wanted to gnaw their own legs off as an excuse to do something else, so we're back to one round only tonight, and the rest tomorrow morning.

When do the Avs pick, Steve?

Well, Steve, I'm glad you asked. Colorado has a single first rounder, their own, at #23 overall. In the SBN Mock Draft, if you didn't hear, MHH selected Roland McKeown, so clearly since we know Pracey gets all his scouting information from us, the Avs will definitely take the kid tonight.

I don't believe you.

Well, go ahead and watch for yourself for proof!

How can I do that?

There's lots of ways you can tune in to the Draft tonight! Obviously the best draft-watching technique if you're in the Denver area is to join us at Brooklyn's, where you can put faces to some of your favorite screen names and then drinks to faces, but only your own on that last one, sorry.

If you're not in reach of the Draft Party you'll be stuck with the rest of us watching on TV with a live thread to comfort us. The draft begins at 7:00 Eastern. You can tune in here in the US on NBC Sports or its online streaming services, or on TSN if you're in Canada. Pre-draft coverage can be found off and on all day on TSN and TSN 2.

I'll sign this one off with some simple Internet rules for watching tonight's event.

  1. Triple check your rumor sources for strange spelling, tweets, and follower count.
  2. Do not manually RT Bob McKenzie.
  3. Do not share bullshit, even to laugh at it. It feeds on your attention.
  4. Do not play the Pierre McGuire Drinking Game if you value living at all.
  5. Break any of these rules if it's funny.
  6. Except the Bob one. That one's for real.