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GDT: Avalanche at the 2014 NHL Draft

Nick Laham

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche management staff are in the City of Brotherly Love tonight and tomorrow to stock the organization full of mind-blowing talent.

The Avs pick 23rd, so if you hate all the other teams like I do, feel free to go roll a few frames/hit the Chinese buffet HARD/take a lovely mountain bike ride and return in a few hours when they get on the clock. Otherwise, hang out here and spitball along with everyone else.

Projectile lineup:

Joe Sakic - The Big Kahuna

Patrick Roy - The Architect

Greg Sherman - The Engineer

Rick Pracey - The Maestro

The Band: Alan Hepple, Anders Carlson, Anton Edlund, John Harrington, Rick Lanz, Joni Lehto, Don Paarup and Neil Shea. (That's our beloved Amateur Scouting Staff BTW)

* * * * *

The US broadcast starts at 7:00pm EST sharp on NBCSN and on the LiveExtra app if you're mobile this evening.