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2014 NHL Draft: Avalanche pick #174 - Maximilian Pajpach

The Avalanche have selected Maximilian Pajpach from Slovakia in the 6th round. Pajpach is slated to spend next season playing for Tappara in the Finnish Junior League. He's 6'1 and 207#, basically Sami's size, and has bounced around the Slovakian system up until now and played in the WHC - U17 last year and in 7 international games this year.

Good article from the Hockey writers (scroll down) has a section on young Max, sounds like a good player on some poor defensive teams (like Picks was) that let him see a ton of pucks.

There an interview here after the 2013 Hlinka tournament.

You faced 55 shots. This is a very large number. Were you expecting it?
´I’m used to a lot of shots because I play in a club which is close to relegation! Every game I have to face 40 or 50 shots, so I’m used to it. Slovakia took the lead at the beginning of the third period.´

Yeah, he's going to fit right in.

Moar goalies!

Some video from the 2013 U17 Challenge. Warning: can take forever to load, but it'll get there.