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Free Agency: Call Em Like You See Em

Alright MHH faithful, time to predict the landing spots for this year's free agent class.

"This is the phone I keep calling Stastny on. Why won't he pick up?" -Joe Sakic
"This is the phone I keep calling Stastny on. Why won't he pick up?" -Joe Sakic
Bruce Bennett

This is a BIG two days for the Avalanche.  We could, in one fell swoop solidify our top six for years to come and sign a top pairing left handed defenseman.... Or we could let talent walk out the door, not replace it and find our way back down to the cap floor while we wait for Ryan O'Reilly to officially price himself off the team.  In other words, it's a nerve racking time to be an Avs fan.  So, in order to prevent heart attacks, sobbing alone, and overzealous CapGeeking this free agency period I figured we owe ourselves a little light hearted fun.  Take each player from the Free Agent list below and decide which NHL team is going to sign them, if you don't think they'll find another job in the NHL just say none.

Like so:

Stastny, Paul - Avalanche

Ehrhoff, Christian - Avalanche

[redacted], Todd - The fiery pits of hell

Brodeur, Martin - Maple Leafs

1 point for every free agent you predict correctly and 2 points for every correct prediction with a cap hit over $4M.  I'll tally up the results once people have signed and one of you will win glory amongst your MHH peers.  Sound cool? Cool.

Here's the list:

Window Shopped:

Stastny, Paul:

Vanek, Thomas:

Moulson, Matt:

Iginla, Jarome:

Hemsky, Ales:

Winnik, Dan:

Niskanen, Matt:

Stralman, Anton:

Fayne, Mark:

Boyle, Dan:

"Best" of the Rest:

Richards, Brad:

Grabovski, Mikhail:

Legwand, David:

Bolland, Dave:

Cammalleri, Mike:

Vrbata, Radim:

Kulemin, Nikolai:

Jokinen, Jussi:

Orpik, Brooks:

Pouliot, Benoit:

Goalie Mistakes:

Miller, Ryan:

Brodeur, Martin:

Hiller, Jonas:

Thomas, Tim:

Bryzgalov, Ilya:


Ehrhoff, Christian:


What will Paul Stastny's cap hit be?