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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL June 5, 2014

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Frederick Breedon

Former Vancouver Canucks owner  can be subpoenaed in the Bertuzzi-Moore lawsuit.

Lawyers for former NHL player Steve Moore took another step Wednesday toward forcing former Vancouver Canucks owner John McCaw Jr. to testify in Moore's lawsuit that seeks more than $38-million in damages from the Canucks and one of their former players, Todd Bertuzzi.

Judge Robert S. Lasnik of the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington agreed with a ruling from the Ontario Superior Court that McCaw has material evidence to give on the issues of corporate negligence, vicarious liability and punitive damages. Judge Lasnik granted leave to Moore to issue a subpoena forcing McCaw to testify.

Gretzky calls himself neutral in this Stanley Cup Final.

And how does Gretzky, who will be at Game 1, feel?

“I’m 100 per cent neutral,” he said, laughing. “I’ve got friends on both teams. . . . I can’t lose.”

Will Toronto play host to the World Cup of Hockey in 2016?

Toronto will likely be the site of the World Cup of Hockey when it returns in September 2016.

Talks are ongoing to finalize plans for the international tournament, but a source tells The Canadian Press that Air Canada Centre in Toronto is expected to be chosen as the host venue.

Speaking prior to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final in Los Angeles, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said he wasn’t ready to make an announcement about the World Cup but that the league was discussing it with the NHL Players’ Association.

Bettman said he was not ready to make any announcement on a World Cup of Hockey.

“It’s not something that’s fully baked,” said Bettman. But he added “very substantive” discussions about the possibility of one or several World Cups were taking place with the Players’ Association.

Side note: Peeps in Moncton, please stay safe and check in when you can.