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Avs sign D Bruno Gervais

Former Islander makes his way to Denver...or Cleveland.


Colorado continued their peculiar makeover with the signing of D Bruno Gervais to a one-year deal. While my Twitter feed continues to melt down about the lack of sexy things happening in Colorado, this is likely nothing more than a depth signing as Gervais was part of the immortal 2013-2014 Adirondack Phantoms roster last season.

A former Islander during their terribad awful years (pick any of the last 20, I guess), Gervais kind of sucks at everything but isn't truly terrible at anything so that's plenty to be excited about. Gervais is a pretty solid skater and would seem to be a natural Matt Hunwick replacement for the Monsters as he looks pretty when he walks the blueline but doesn't play any kind of noteworthy defense and certainly doesn't excel with the puck.

Ultimately, this is nothing more than a depth signing until training camp comes along and Patrick Roy falls in love with his "moxie" or some shit and ends up playing him a bunch of minutes while fans claw their eyes out. I love this signing, guys.