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Avs sign F Jarome Iginla

Former Flames star makes his way to Colorado thanks to old pal Sakic.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado's free agency got a whole lot sexier just now as Bob McKenzie reports the Avs have signed F Jarome Iginla to a 3-year, $16M contract. The addition of the 36-year old Iginla continues the Avs trend of bringing in experienced players (read: older) to prepare for another postseason run next year.

While the loss of Paul Stastny earlier in the day hurts the Avs, the addition of Iginla brings a lot more raw goal-scoring than they've had in a long time. While the arms race in the Western Conference continues, the Avs finally showed they had some closing ability with this signing.

Just for frame of reference, Iginla scored 30 goals as a 35-year old guy. No Av has scored 30 since...I believe 2006 when Hejduk and Sakic both scored 30+. Lol. No sarcasm this time around. I love this signing. Iginla should slide right in on the O'Reilly-Duchene line and replace Parenteau, making the trade yesterday a little easier to swallow (this is called rationalizing).