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Open Thread: MHH Week in Review 7/19/14


Hard to get a fix on what was mainly on the minds of the MHH faithful this week, I guess you could say the O'Reilly arbitration case edged out everything else the same way the Donks got edged out in 1980's Super Bowls. Aside from that, the similar but different case of Tyson Barrie was a distant 2nd.

There were some positives from this light Summer news week:

- Karl Stollery, Paul Carey and Stefan Elliott all signed 1-year/2-way/show-me contracts.

- Dater reported that Stratford Joe Hishon has re-upped with the Avalanche, and Ryan Boulding reported that the team has confirmed this, but as yet there isn't any public word from the team, the NHL or CapGeek.

- Pictures and interviews have trickled in from our beloved prospects' week in the Centennial State and apparently a good time was had by all, especially those that are fans of grueling multi-hour military workouts followed by ascending a mountain twice.

- Some shuffling of duties for your intrepid MHH staff, outlined nicely by Mike here.

- Some wonderful FanPosts this week, dasavs went nuts with 3, Cotts has something fun for the foodies out there, and the Prof, c0nquistad0rian and Kowasaki98 all put up things that should pique your interest. Check 'em out.