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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL July 21st, 2014

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Seguin isn't afraid of a golf club...

Did he really think wearing a cup would make a difference if the guy missed? Anyway, quite the return to the 'net there, Tyler.

Penguins have named Mark Recchi a player development coach.

Mark Recchi has been named player development coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins, the team announced Friday. Recchi, who played three separate stints with the Penguins, spent the past two seasons as an adviser to the Dallas Stars hockey operations department.

Road hockey charity event(s) raised a million pounds of food!

Five Hole For Food (FHFF) just completed its fifth tour of Canada, and with the anniversary came an incredible accomplishment. The charity, which sends founder Richard Loat and his friends on a cross-Canada adventure, playing road hockey in 13 cities in 17 days, all in support of local food banks, reached a milion.

"The goal was to hit our millionth pound of food raised since day one," said Loat. "We hit that milestone."

One million pounds of food. And all this because a hockey blogger wanted to get out of his basement, see Canada, play hockey, and get some more Twitter followers.

"I'd be lying to you if I told you that when I started this, I wanted to start a charity," Loat admitted. "I was looking to drive across Canada. I wanted to meet other hockey writers, I wanted more followers. We were trying to build relationshps and do the social thing. And here we are five summers later."