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UPDATE: Game is at 4, but we'll stay for more Avs stuff! MHH Meet Up: 2001 Stanley Cup Finals

Didn't get a chance to see it in Denver? Too young to have seen it on TV? Just want to relive it in the company of other Avs fans? Here's your chance

The off-season is tough for lots of hockey fans, and it's one area in which the NHL Network really does well. You can get your fix through the past games they air, showing anything from the first round of the most recent Stanley Cup playoffs to an Oilers game from January 1985. Next Friday, they're showing a game that is near and dear to not just Avalanche fans' hearts, but just about any fan's heart outside of New Jersey and Detroit.

At 6 pm on Friday, August 1st, the NHL Network is airing Game 7 of the 2001 Stanley Cup Finals featuring the Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils. You may recall that the greatest moment in Cup presentation history happened that night. The game will be shown in its entirety and will be followed by the Cup raising festivities. Three hours of glory day goodness.

Just because the NHL shuts down in August, that doesn't mean MHH Meet Ups have to. And what better reason to get the gang together than to celebrate Alex Tanguay's return to health by watching one of his shining moments?

You in?

UPDATE: Brooklyn's is confirmed for the festivities

Where: Brooklyn's
When: Show starts at 6 pm; AJ & I will be there a bit early to get things set
Reservations: I've made reservations for 15 people. Since we often have fewer show than expected, I put it lower than the poll results. There shouldn't be a problem if more show up, though, as there isn't anything going on that night at the Pepsi Center.