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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL August 1st, 2014

Hannah Foslien

Sandie is off partying hard this weekend so y'all are going to be dealing with me today and Monday. Hope everyone enjoys their Friday with a Guardians of the Galaxy viewing!

In a story sure to set off the typical "we told you so" circle jerk that has become the staple of the Corsiatti, Stars GM Jim Nill discusses the Stars' use of advanced stats.

Despite taking a calculated risk and lowballing their star defenseman PK Subban, the Canadiens feel confident they will sign their ebullient superstar to a long-term deal.

Plenty of hand-wringing over the myriad of questionable Avs moves has managed to shield the St. Louis Blues from taking any criticism at all over going into the next season with the immortal Brian Elliott as their #1 Goalie. It appears he's up for the challenge of inevitably disappointing another fan base when reality sets in and he's not good enough.

A few days old, making 40% of the list irrelevant of course, but I enjoyed this read about the top remaining veterans on the market.

You didn't think we were getting through this without some Islanders stuff, did you? Good, because here's answering the five big questions facing my Isles heading into next season.

Jake Gardiner's recent contract extension has caused anybody with a young defensemen to take ask questions like "What's our guy worth?" Defending Big D looks at the up-and-coming Brenden Dillon here.

Our friends at On The Forecheck ran a couple of pieces on hating the Central Division this past week. I found them to be at least mildly entertaining and anybody making fun of the Wild is thumbs up for me.

Arctic Ice Hockey is fed up with the Jets. I remember when Avs fans hated management for making dumb decisions. Aren't we glad those days are over?

Hopefully that's enough to placate your insatiable hockey clicks. Have a good weekend!