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Greatest Moment of 2013-14 Round 1: Broken Ankles vs Fly By

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Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

MacK Breaks Some Ankles (2)

Everyone talked about how good Nathan MacKinnon was going to be in the NHL. Few realized exactly how good he'd be immediately, especially in the playoffs. This play epitomizes what MacK is all about: speed, skill, and holy-shit-he's-amazing-ness, and it makes the Wild look all kinds of silly which deserves an award in and of itself.

Duchene Does a Fly By Past Nashville (15)

They say that speed kills, and Duchene is a walking skating example of that. How many times have we seen him do this? Doesn't matter. It will never get old. Here he goes all Maverick on Nashville, blowing past everyone to buzz the tower and light the lamp.