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Greatest Moment of the 2013-14 Avalanche Season: Voting begins!

Over 30 moments were nominated. 16 made the cut. Only 1 will be crowned.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The quest to be crowned the Greatest Moment of the 2013-14 Avalanche Season starts today. Below you'll find the brackets with moments seeded by the recs they received last week. We will have two votes per day, one from each side of the bracket. The moments advancing to Round 2 will be announced on Friday. This is just an overview, folks. There will be actual articles with videos and gifs and everything. Please be patient.

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Voting Order; Round 1:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Challenge 1

SoS, MacK & Landy Play Tic Tac Toe (1)


O'Reilly Spins on Kings (16)

Roy Rocks the Partition (3)


MacK Burns the Isles (14)

Varly Makes the Save Sans Mask (5)


EJ Interview Bombs Wilson (12)

The Avs do Imagine Dragons (7)


MacK's First Goal (10)

Challenge 2

MacK Breaks Some Ankles (2)


Duchene Does a Fly By Past NSH (15)

Johnson Saves the Day (4)


Landy Slips Past Ovi (13)

Duchene Dizzies the Canes (6)


Varly Distracts Forechecker (11)

Foote's Retirement (8)


Roy Does the Dater Face (9)