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Greatest Moment of 2013-14 Round 1: Johnson saves the day vs. Landy slips past Ovechkin

A couple of new faces in today's second challenge as Johnson and Landeskog make an appearance.

Doug Pensinger

Johnson Saves the Day (4)

Patrick Roy made headlines last season with his penchant for pulling his goaltender earlier and earlier when down a goal or two. His confidence in his team was justified as they more often got a goal from doing this than they did giving up an empty netter against. Erik Johnson was often key in these situations, nothing more poignant than this play in which he hustles back to prevent that game-clinching goal at the very last moment. The play is made even sweeter given the circumstances: Game 1 of the playoffs, a game in which the Avs not only tied it up with that extra skater on the ice, but came back to win in overtime.

Landy Slips Past Ovi (13)

One of Gabriel Landeskog's greatest qualities is his confidence on (and off) the ice. Going up against star players doesn't intimidate him, and his sharp mind allows him to make quick decisions that generate plays. Here we see him slip past a check by one of the league's greatest players: Alexander Ovechkin. Not only does Landy expose Ovechkin for his noncommittal defense, he also snaps home the puck with a perfectly placed wrister.