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Greatest Moment of 2013-14 Round 1: Varly makes the save vs. EJ bombs Wilson

Now we pit the never-say-die attitude of Varlamov against the nutty nature of Johnson.

Doug Pensinger

Varly Makes the Save Sans Mask (5)

Semyon Varlamov is an extraordinarily talented goalie. He also has some Roy-like fire in him. Despite a broken mask and errant stick, Varly stays in the play and makes the save to keep his team up by two. Phoenix just didn't have a chance.


EJ Interview Bombs Wilson (12)

The new coaching regime brought more than just on ice improvement to the Avalanche. The lighter atmosphere Roy & Co. created led to more fun, much of which transferred into the public eye. A meme popped up that was clearly the brainchild of Erik Johnson: the interview bomb. While the year saw many funny moments, none were better than this little doozie during a mid-game interview on the bench.