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Greatest Moment of 2013-14 Round 1: Duchene dizzies the Canes vs. Varly distracts the forechecker

This comes down to what you like more: spinoramas or trolling.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Duchene Dizzies the Canes (6)

Yet another example of Matt Duchene being a superstar. Just when you think he's going to cut back behind the net, he does a reverse spin to leave you in no-man's land while he taps the puck in the net. These goals never get old.

Varly Distracts Forechecker (11)

Semyon Varlamov has a witty sense of humor and sharp sense of style. In the past, it had been a bit hard to find under the shyness of a language barrier. But this past season has seen it flourish, as evidence by plays like this and suits like that. It wasn't the first time that Varly trolled a forechecker to give his teammates some time to break out the puck, but it was the playoffs and it was the Wild and it was freaking awesome.