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Greatest Moment of 2013-14 Round 1: The Avs do Imagine Dragons vs. MacK's first goal

The crazy thing about this match up is that a shirtless Landeskog singing to himself in a steamy bathroom mirror was seeded higher than Nathan MacKinnon's first NHL goal.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Avs do Imagine Dragons (7)

The hype building up to this video was unreal. #ImagineAvs had an entire fan base wondering what awesome adventure our boys had started. The copyright infringement clues hinted that it might be more than just some marketing ploy. In a way, it was. The Avalanche partnered up with the band Imagine Dragons to re-film a video to their song "Radioactive," a staple in the Pepsi Center for some time. The result got mixed reviews, but no one could stop talking about Landeskog's bathroom scene, something altogether creepy and uncomfortable and fantastic...and in desperate need of tissues.

MacK’s First Goal (10)

It only took five games for Nathan MacKinnon to score his first NHL goal. Of course, he'd already been producing at a point-per-game pace, so who was even surprised? Still, the first goal is always a special one, and MacK didn't disappoint on his. This wasn't a fluke, it didn't go in off of a skate (no offense, Landy), and it wasn't his only point that night. The goal showed clearly the vision and innate talent of the rookie, and things only got better from there. The Avs would go on to beat the Capitals 5-1 in this game, hinting at the season to come.