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Moore-Redacted Settle Out of Court

The two parities avoided a public shaming of the NHL with an out-of-court settlement.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

With the court date just over two weeks away, several sources are reporting that Steve Moore has reached a settlement agreement with <redacted>.  Avalanche fans recall the events, so I won't rehash them here.

From the Toronto Sun:

Sportsnet’s Michael Grange reported Tuesday morning that the lawsuit was settled out of court.


In what was sure to be one of the most important pieces of litigation to hit the National Hockey League in some time, former Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore has settled his lawsuit stemming from a 2004 incident in a game against the Vancouver Canucks and involving their former player Todd Bertuzzi <redacted> out of court according to multiple reports.

Inquires about the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed as the settlement was confidential. The CBS piece has a several good observations about how this public trial would have likely called some of the NHL's traditions and practices into question and effectively put the sport and league on trial.  As usual, stay away from the comments sections on these links.  They're a treasure trove of stupid.