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Greatest Moment of 2013-14 Round 2: MacK breaks ankles vs. Johnson saves the day

A couple of first overall picks go head-to-head with integral plays from the Avs' playoff run.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Johnson Saves the Day (4)

Patrick Roy made headlines last season with his penchant for pulling his goaltender earlier and earlier when down a goal or two. His confidence in his team was justified as they more often got a goal from doing this than they did giving up an empty netter against. Erik Johnson was often key in these situations, nothing more poignant than this play in which he hustles back to prevent that game-clinching goal at the very last moment. The play is made even sweeter given the circumstances: Game 1 of the playoffs, a game in which the Avs not only tied it up with that extra skater on the ice, but came back to win in overtime.

MacK Breaks Some Ankles (2)

Everyone talked about how good Nathan MacKinnon was going to be in the NHL. Few realized exactly how good he'd be immediately, especially in the playoffs. This play epitomizes what MacK is all about: speed, skill, and holy-shit-he's-amazing-ness, and it makes the Wild look all kinds of silly which deserves an award in and of itself.