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Revisiting MHH's 2013-14 Avalanche Season Analysis: Part 10 - Points & Playoffs Predictions

And we've come to the finish line where everyone made predictions that were laughably, incredibly wrong. Well, everyone except me.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Final predictions: how many points will the Avs end the season with? Where does the team fall in the standings at the final buzzer? Will they make the playoffs? If so, how far will they go?

What Andi said then: Varly is the X-Factor here. If Inconsistent Varly shows up, then I'd guess the team will finish with 85-90 pts and fall just short of the playoffs. If Bad Varly shows, we're drafting Top 10, probably Top 5. But if Good Varly is our starting goaltender, we'll probably be at about 95 pts and a low playoff seed with a first (maaaaaybe second) round exit. I'd like to think that we'll make the playoffs, but we're probably going to have a season similar to that of 2011-12 when we finished 19th overall. Not great, not horrible, but a good stepping stone to better days.


What Earl said then: 98 pts, 3rd in III Division, beat St Louis in 1st rd, lose game 7 to Chicago in 2nd rd. Bank on it.


What Mike said then: In the overall scheme of things, this will be a better team. They won't be a playoff team though. I predict this miss the playoffs by 8-10 points and are like 10th or 11th in the West.

What Mike says now: Blew this one based on underestimating Johnson and the new big daddy driving the van. Read that sentence again and tell me if you still respect me in the morning.


What Steve said then: No, the Avs don't make the playoffs this year, but they're a hell of a lot more fun to watch. The only reason they have a chance to compete for a spot is the division. Chicago and St. Louis should beat everyone up to glory. That leaves Dallas, Minny, Winny, the Perds, and Us. I don't see the team being the top of that group of five, and I definitely do see 5th in the Pacific outdoing the fourth-place team in the Central for a spot. LA, San Jose, Vancouver, Anaheim, Phoenix, Edmonton? Please. (I'm sure they meant to include a seventh NHL team in that division but they seem to have overlooked it.) I wouldn't be completely floored but if I'm setting odds, I'm setting 3:1 against at least.

And as for luck? That shit happens to everybody. It only matters if you've put yourself in a position for it to change the outcome.

Usually. Sup 09-10?

What Steve says now: ROFL. SUP 09-10 INDEED


What AJ said then: As much as I think the Avs will be better this year, I still see them as a mid 80 point team (let's go with 86) and finishing outside the playoffs, albeit remaining competitive until the end.

What AJ says now: hahahahahahaha yesssssss this is the question I love being wrong on. yessssssssssss.


What Cheryl said then: Points will be 90s. Finish between 6th to 8th in the West. Make the playoffs. Lose first round in 7.

What Cheryl says now: Okay, I got the points and standings wrong, but at least I got the first round in 7 part right. Honestly, though, anyone who claims they called over 100 points on the season needs to just STFU with dem lies.