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Denver Cutthroats Opt for Dormancy for 2014-15 Season

Former Avs affiliate closes up shop for the season as it seeks new investors to hopefully return in 2015.

The Denver Cutthroats and CHL have just announced that the team will opt for dormancy for the upcoming season as they search for investors and hope to return for the 2015-16 season. The announcement comes after weeks of announcements of player signings and front office hirings and just days before the team was to hold its annual tryouts in Littleton and. This year was to feature the first woman attempting to make the team.

The Cutthroats were founded in 2012 and immediately found a place among the hockey-loving fans in Denver as the NHL lockout allowed the team a perfect opportunity to capture the hearts of the community. Unfortunately, it appears as if the relationship was short-lived as attendance dropped upon the NHL returning to normal operations and despite having a team reach the CHL finals, the Cutthroats were unable to produce a significant attendance boost and have chosen not to proceed into next season.

News of this decision has been confirmed.