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Greatest Moment 2013-14 Round 2: Duchene dizzies the 'Canes vs. Foote's jersey retirement

This one is tough. Do you celebrate a budding young star or salute a retired legend?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Duchene Dizzies the Canes (6)

Yet another example of Matt Duchene being a superstar. Just when you think he's going to cut back behind the net, he does a reverse spin to leave you in no-man's land while he taps the puck in the net. These goals never get old.

Foote’s Jersey Retirement (8)

We saw a lot of great moments with Adam Foote over the years, moments that didn't stop when he decided to hang up the skates. His final shift in an Avalanche sweater was arguably the best last shift in franchise history, and his retirement speech was epic. I mean, can you really top a speech in which the man of honor says, "I'd like to thank you fans for the energy you gave us, especially when we kicked Detroit's ass"? I dare say you can't. The entire ceremony was filled with smiles and cheers, chills and tears as we paid tribute to the man, the myth, the legend.