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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL August 27th, 2014

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

An update on Sarich - including the details of the accident.

“The first thing in my mind was, ‘I’m not going to die here right now, so let’s get this thing moving,'” recalled the Saskatoon native, who was drafted 27th overall in the 1996 NHL entry draft. “I wasn’t sure of the severity of my injuries. I’d worn off all the ends of my fingertips. I was bleeding from everywhere, I had so much road rash.

“My helmet was busted up in probably seven or more pieces. It was just in pieces hanging by the chinstrap and was actually choking me, so good thing I had that on because it helped in saving my life.”

An interesting article about the CHL "pushing" over-20 year olds - particularly goalies, out of the system due to limitations.

Chances are that, if Jake Patterson had toiled for an off-the-beaten path team instead a flagship franchise such as the London Knights, his choice not to subject himself to the vagaries of the market for overage goalies might have escaped notice.

However, the 20-year-old Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., native, did play for London, he apparently did decide not to play and it does fall under a discomfiting pattern. That makes it worthwhile to talk about it. At the start of each season, there is a trickle of major junior players who "caught up in the 20-year-old game and its uncertainties, with each team being allowed to keep only three of them." It seems to apply especially to goaltenders, since the prevailing rule of thumb is that a 20-year-old goalie has to be a drop-dead No. 1 (or someone who can play until he drops).

It's just worth wondering why it has to be that way. It's well-known that goalies mature later than defenceman and forwards, yet they still fall under the same overage rule instead of being exempt.

Reportedly the Moore- [name withheld] issue is actually coming to an end, they just need to figure out the confidentiality clause.

Adair told TSN that terms of a settlement have been reached and that Danson is negotiating over terms of a confidentiality pact. But even if there are any objections, those would be settled by an arbitrator, Adair said.

Moore is free to discuss Bertuzzi's assault, and its impact on him over the past decade, Adair said.

"The only thing he cannot disclose are terms of the settlement, "Adair said. "And he cannot disparage Todd."

Adair said that while the case remains on the docket at Ontario Superior Court, scheduled for trial on Sept. 8, that will change after the terms of the confidentiality agreement are reached.