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Greatest Moment of 2013-14 Finals: MacK Breaks Some Ankles vs Roy Rocks the Partition

You knew it had to come down to these two.

MacK Breaks Some Ankles (2)

Everyone talked about how good Nathan MacKinnon was going to be in the NHL. Few realized exactly how good he'd be immediately, especially in the playoffs. This play epitomizes what MacK is all about: speed, skill, and holy-shit-he's-amazing-ness, and it makes the Wild look all kinds of silly which deserves an award in and of itself.

Roy Rocks the Partition (3)

As soon as it was announced that Patrick Roy was going to the be the new head coach for the Colorado Avalanche, stories spread in anticipation of the antics he might bring. Questions loomed about how'd tackle bluelines in practices and how long it would take him to challenge the opposing coach to a bout at center ice. That it happened in the first game was no surprise. Leading up to this moment was a cheap shot on rookie Nathan MacKinnon, and interviews since suggested that Roy had planned this kind of response to the first slight that came his way. Bruce Boudreau and the Ducks generously obliged on opening night, giving Roy the chance to show his team—and the home crowd—that he was 100% behind them.