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Greatest Moment of the 2013-14 Season Winner: Roy Rocks the Partition

No one should be surprised. Roy wins. That's just what he does.

Doug Pensinger
Selecting this moment as the winner reveals a lot about the Avalanche fan base and the direction of the team. People needed hope again, needed something to believe in again. Too many times in the past six or more years, fans had expectations about success that were toyed with and then trashed. With so many big changes coming into last season, the entire fan base was sitting on the edge of its seat, waiting to see if this year would some how be different. And then this happened.

Roy did a lot of things in that moment: he unequivocally stated to his team that he would not let anyone take advantage of them or allow them to be taken for granted; he made a promise to the fan base that the organization is more impassioned than ever; and he established a faith in him from players and fans alike as it became clear over the following weeks that what he did was done out of calculation and not a loss of control.

In essence, Roy nearly destroying the partition in a rage against Bruce Boudreau became a battle cry for everyone surrounding the Avalanche organization. It's no wonder the fans think it's the greatest moment of the season.