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Open Thread: MHH Week in Review 8/30/14

Bruce Bennett

Hello boys n' girls! The long Vernal nightmare is just about over, next week brings a fresh outlook on life. Things on the mind of MHHers this week included:

- Just like I predicted last week, Tyson Barrie is still not signed. I predict he won't sign this week either.

- Conner Bleackley mentioned to some twitterers last weekend that Avs Rookie Camp will open on Sunday the 14th. OMG THATS IN 2 WEEKS !!!

- Tomas Vincour has left the Brno Komets and as far as we know signed a deal with the Avs. No details available at press time.

- Turns out the Avs are good at something other than winning games, they can enter that zone like a boss.

- There was a whole bunch of stuff about the Avs buying an AHL franchise, maybe Anaheim and Arizona too, and the NHL expanding to Las Vegas, Seattle, Quebec City, and the GTA but nobody ever did any follow up work on all of it so throw that in the bullshit file until it isn't.

- The fans have spoken and the greatest moment of 2013/14 has been decided by you the loyal MHH poster. Check here for the results.

See you in September!