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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL August 4th, 2014

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday! Hopefully everyone had a safe and enjoyable weekend that included seeing the excellent Guardians of the Galaxy.

Big news over the weekend was Canadiens star D PK Subban signing a megadeal that makes him the 3rd highest paid player in the NHL. Here's how Subban's 8-year, $72M deal stacks up next to other high-priced defenders.

The other re-signing of note over the weekend took place in Tampa Bay where Vezina finalist Ben Bishop avoided a season full of rumors by ensuring he's signed through 2017 with the Lightning.

The recently fired Claude Loiselle is expected to be named as the new vice president of the Department of Player Safety for the NHL. Loiselle and Brendan Shanahan are essentially switching roles with Loiselle taking over the notoriously inconsistent discipline of the league and Shanahan taking his turn at running the Maple Leafs into the ground.

More details emerged from another lawsuit against the NHL over concussion/head-related injuries.

Moving away from news, Barry Trotz feels confident his new uber-expensive defense can handle the transition from Adam Oates hockey to something that actually has a chance to succeed.

The LA Kings apparently remain ahead of San Jose as they prepare for another epic division battle next season.

Sandie will return to her normal posting of the Cupcakes tomorrow. Until then, you all enjoy :D