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Now that we've survived all five months of August, let the countdowns begin.

A quick overview of some key dates as the season approaches.

Doug Pensinger

Dear everyone:


It is September 1, and I hope you're all having a completely labo(u)r-free Labo(u)r Day to celebrate. I know I am; I've played enough Path of Exile this weekend to develop repetitive strain injury. So now that we've come through to the other side, and this brief article is now officially brought to you by the Chilis, here's the upcoming dates to look forward to.

September 8 or so, this was never really confirmed: Rookie camp at the practice facility.

As of yesterday the full training camp dates had not been released yet, expect them any time, but Chambers speculates around September 18.

September 21: Annual Burgundy/White intrasquad game, at 11:00am at DU's Magness Arena again this year. Tickets are available online here if you're in. They start at just $10.

September 22: The preseason begins with a pair of split-squad games against the Anaheim Ducks.

September 25 & 26: The Avs play a pair of games against the Montreal Canadiens, the second in Quebec City. That one will be televised on RDS, which, if you're not familiar, is basically Canada's French language TSN.

September 28: Calgary is in town for a preseason game.

September 30: The Avs return the favor and visit Calgary.

October 2: Colorado host the Los Angeles Kings at Broadmoor Arena in Colorado Springs.

October 4: Cheryl's favorite day of the year! It's Frozen Fury against the Kings in Las Vegas.

October 9: The regular season opens with a nationally-televised game against some adjectival team in Minnesota.

October 11: Home opener, against Minnesota.