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Avs Rookie Camp Day 1: Viewers Guide & Open Thread

Jeff Zelevansky

Okay sports fans, the fun begins today. Rookie camp opens at Family Sports Center at 9:45am MT. Anyone with eyeballs on the scene please feel free to post thoughts and observations for the rest of us. The MHH staff will have a few folks in attendance, so here's what you can look forward to this week:

AJ will have a daily post, recapping the activities and offering his thoughts, and will be live tweeting from @BaconCrush every day.

Cheryl will be following specific players throughout camp to note development and live tweeting from @MileHighHockey on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Angelique will provide insight on our 2013 and 2014 draftees and live tweet from @jori5280.

Dario will post videos from camp so that everyone can get an idea of what's happening on the ice and live tweet from @DarioInDenver.

Matt will be giving his two cents after camp has wrapped up for the week.


Since we don't have a roster yet, we don't know exactly who is attending or what numbers most of the guys will wear. Here are my wild guesses based on who attended Summer Dev Camp (minus the college guys and Europeans) and other rumors:

From Dev Camp:

Chris Bigras D (wore #57 last year)

Conner Bleackley C-RW

Troy Bourke C-LW (wore #62 last year and #16 with LEM)

Cody Corbett D

Dennis Everberg C-LW

Mason Geertsen D (wore #65 last year)

Samuel Henley C-LW

Max Iafrate D (Try-out)(wore #2 with LEM)

Nick Magyar RW

Spencer Martin G (wore #60 last year)

Julien Nantel LW

Alexis Pepin LW (injured and might not be in camp)

Reid Petryk C-RW (Try-out)(wore #10 with LEM 2 years ago)

Matt Pufahl D (Try-out)(also wore #2 with LEM)

Borna Rendulic RW (rumored to be wearing #71)

Michael Schumacher LW (Try-out)(wore #24 with LEM)

Roman Will G

Kyle Wood D

Monsters contracts:

Francois Tremblay G

Nate Condon C-LW (7th year in the org and never been to camp, probably will be there)

Other Try-outs:

Marcus Power C

Oliver Cooper F

Duncan MacIntyre D

That's all I can come up with, Ryan Boulding wrote on the Avs site that there will be 28 in rookie camp and there's 23 listed above. There could be some more Try-outs we haven't heard about, or the European players might show. Maybe a few of the 2nd year pros like Meurs, Cheek, Smith & Siemens are attending. Hishon has never participated in camp, perhaps he appears. Vincour has never been to an Avs camp, that's a possibility. We'll know soon.

* * * * *

For the deets on these gentlemen, please refer to Cole's fine article on them here.

I'm going to assume the Avs really do want to release a roster at some point, hopefully today! We'll have the #s and full list of attendees if and when that occurs.

Hockey is back. Yesss.