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Rookie camp day 1 video

These videos are best viewed in HD on a larger screen. Especially those plays at the far end of the ice from where I'm sitting.

Duncan Siemens
Duncan Siemens
Nick Laham

Goalies were on the ice first.  It's not featured here but Allaire does a lot of skating drills with his goalies.

Rookies skate out on the ice for the first time.

First drills.

2 v 1. More transition drills (a theme today).

My favorite drill of the day, some telling stuff here.

By my count Bleakley snipes three goals and one off post in this video...I think.

1 v 1 half ice drills, Bourke shows some real strength here.  Also, a monster matchup of Henley vs Geersten.  Some chirping about Sgarbossa's nose just because there's no way he could hear us.

Next two are very short videos including great timing on my part to start video right before a water break.  Thought I'd share them anyway.  Thanks for watching.