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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL September 19th, 2014

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Frederick Breedon

Harding is out with a broken foot.

The Wild announced on Wednesday that goalie Josh Harding suffered a broken foot on Sunday in an off-ice incident, reportedly during an altercation with a teammate.

Surgery is not required, the team added, but he will remain out for two to three months.

The Johansen situation doesn't look too good. As Avs fans, we can relate.

Talks between the Columbus Blue Jackets and leading scorer Ryan Johansen are clearly at a contentious impasse.
Leafs preach change, Flames' Sam Bennett seeks a job: Storylines to watch in NHL training camp

Johansen's agent, Kurt Overhardt, said the young star left Columbus on Wednesday afternoon - a day before the start of training camp.

"(Our) talks (were) indicating that they weren't going to allow the player be present at the facility," Overhardt told The Associated Press. "We just thought it was a good opportunity that he leave town and not be a distraction to his teammates."

John Davidson, the team's director of hockey operations, and general manager Jarmo Kekalainen separately said "enough is enough" after what they contended were offers of $6 million for two years, $32 million for six and $46 million over eight years were refused by the restricted free agent centre.

Put Selanne in the non-Boudreau fan club.

On one level, the news that Teemu Selanne was unhappy with how he was deployed by Anaheim Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau last season is hardly an earth-shattering development. For almost two years now, Selanne and Boudreau have spoken openly about their conflicting views of how the Ducks could best maximize Selanne's contributions to their Stanley Cup aspirations at his advancing age.

Boudreau firmly believed that he had to limit Selanne's ice time to a little over 14 minutes per night - and sit him out whenever the Ducks played back-to-back games - so that there would be something left in those 43-year-old legs come playoff time. Back in the lockout-shortened 2012-13 season, Selanne suggested in a Globe and Mail interview that he couldn't play to his full potential if his role were limited to the minutes of a fringe player.

A small recap of what the Avs have been up to.

And when they lost fan favorite Paul Stastny through free agency, they simply went ahead with their next plan - signing Iginla, who has 560 career NHL goals.

''He's a natural goal scorer,'' Roy said. ''I think he's going to be very helpful to our guys.''

Already renowned for his intense offseason workouts, Iginla stepped it up even another notch this summer so that he can fly down the ice with the youngsters. Roy is leaning toward pairing Iginla with Ryan O'Reilly and Matt Duchene.

''This is a very young, dynamic group,'' said Iginla, who scored 30 goals for Boston last season. ''Lots of speed, lots of skill and guys that are very competitive.

''There are going to be some fun nights because of the things they can do.''