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#SignBarrieWhen? Betting Pool

I've been thinking about this for ages, but kept saying to myself, "Nah, it'll happen too soon to make this worthwhile."

Doug Pensinger

Therefore, in the interest of ensuring Tyson Barrie signs a contract today, I'm setting up a pool for when the boy is inked to a deal.

While much of the fan base is starting to worry, there's still plenty of time, and this isn't that unusual with an RFA. There's no info out there about what's holding things up, so no need to speculate about which side is being dickish. Thus, to keep things light on the subject, let's make a game out of it.


  • The window for getting in your picks is open from now until Friday, September 5th (8 am MT) OR 2 hours prior to when the first report is leaked, whether official or unofficial, whichever comes first.
  • Enter your pick using a NEW comment. Picks logged as replies will be invalid.
  • Your first comment indicating a selection will be the only one you get.
  • Only one person can have a specific time. Therefore, pay attention to what others have selected. If someone else selected your time before you did, your selection will be invalid.
  • Selections must include both the date and the time, rounded to the nearest hour. For example, my pick is September 3rd, 10 am MT. All times must be designated in the mountain time zone or the pick will be invalid.
  • Winning pick will be calculated based on the closest time indicated, whether that is before or after the actual announcement of the signing. For example, if someone picks Sept. 10th at 6 pm MT and the announcement is made an hour earlier at 5 pm MT, that person is eligible to win. Likewise, if someone picks Sept. 10th at 7 am MT and the announcement is made an hour later at 8 am MT, that person is also eligible.
  • If there is more than one winner, both people will get mugs.
  • The winning selection will be based on when the Avalanche officially announces the signing via Twitter.
  • MHH reserves the right to augment the rules if something unexpected or not considered pops up. Selections made prior to rule changes will not be nullified unless it's something super crazy.

Winner of the pool gets a nifty Mile High Hockey mug* with the best damn logo this or any other website has ever seen.


Let the predictions fly!

*If you'd like to order a mug, we can figure out how to do a group order once the winner is chosen.