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Avs Training Camp Day 2: Viewers Guide & Open Thread

Claus Andersen

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! The second and final day of training camp happens today, again from 9:30 MT to around two-ish. Odds are the bubble boys will ramp up the intensity to make their final case to be included on the NHL roster or be first in line when tragedy strikes.

MHH will of course have boots on the ground and eyeballs on the ice, reviews will be forthcoming later in the day and AJ is working on a full camp review to be released ASAP.

For those not on twitter, the live tweets are still rockin' right here.

- Bordeleau, Mitchell (migraine) & McGinn (???) were not to be found on the ice yesterday, probably today too. Soon.

- I'll give a shout out to Monsters Meurs & Cheek for getting their offensive schwerve on yesterday.

* * * * *

That's all for now. B/W tomorrow morning at 11:00am MT.