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GDT: Burgundy-White Game 9/21/14

Frederick Breedon

Hello boys n' girls! The Avalanche's annual Burgundy vs White Game is upon us, finishing off training camp for the 63 gentlemen that took part. The game will be held at DU's Magness Arena and puck drop is scheduled for 11:00 MT. There is no radio or television coverage, so we will again rely on our intrepid staff and faithful posters to provide information and summary.

ROSTERS? We don't need no stinking rosters I guess. Will update when possible.

We do know from Patrick's presser yesterday that he plans to include 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and 3 goalies (one per period) on each of the squads.

- Burgundy was victorious last year thank to goals from Smitty, Fatso (GW) and Cheryl Bradley Malone, White's lone goal came from former Lake Erie captain Bryan Lerg.

- Bordeleau, Mitchell & McGinn were no-shows at camp from injuries although Smooth Johnny did some solo skating in a no-contact jersey.

- Mason Geertsen has put together another impressive week at camp, also the Vancouver Giants have named him an alternate captain for this season. Well done!

- MHH now has podcasts! The inaugural episode was recorded last night with Cheryl, AJ, Jori, Dario and master of ceremonies SteveHouse. Check it out here.

* * * * *

That's all for now. Split-squad games home and away versus Anaheim tomorrow night!