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From the Monsters Desk: A Quick Look at 14/15

Hannah Foslien

Greetings Monsters fans! Hope the summer treated you well and the wait for hockey hasn't made you batty as some.

The Avalanche made their first cuts after training camp today and assigned these 5 players to head on to Cleveland to get ready for Monsters training camp beginning on the 30th:

Gabriel Beaupre

Markus Lauridsen

Joey Leach (AHL Contract)

Max Iafrate (Try-out)

Marcus Power (AHL Contract)

The Avs also held the annual Burgundy/White game today. Looking at the lower lines from the game might give us a preview of what Coach Dean and the staff are thinking about as we head towards opening night.





Did not dress: Cheek, Condon(LEM), Maggio(LEM), Meurs, Heard, Ryan(PTO)

I'd mix up the bottom two there somehow, but that looks like a promising start. There's plenty of time left in pre-season for guys to move up and down the lineup, this is just a snapshot of right this moment.

On the defense, Siemens played with Bruno Gervais and Maxim Noreau was also in the game. Stollery, Elliott and Corbett didn't dress. Play around with the pairs and I come up with something like this:



Corbett or Lauridsen/Elliott or Beaupre

Again, not a bad start.

* * * * *

Just a teaser article to get folks thinking, as the roster fills and LEM Camp nears we'll have more facts and in-depth looks at this year's team.