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GDT: Avalanche vs/at Ducks 9/22/2014, Pre-season Games 1&2

Mark Leffingwell-USA TODAY Sport

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Ducks of Anaheim tonight semi-concurrently at the Pepsi & Honda Centers. The Avalanche management knows how much we've all missed hockey over the summer and scheduled two games at once just to make up for it.

Game 1 at Pepsi Center [9:00pm ET, 7:00 lima]:

Word is that Moser's radio call will be streamed from the Avs website (you can find that, right?). If not, it will be somewhere, just comb the thread until you find the lucky URL. Word on the street has the game going out on terrestrial radio on Golden Oldies 950AM. and maybe even the Avs site will have some sort of live boxscore going too.

Take a glance at the roster and game notes here.

Forwards: Duchene, Iginla, Heard, Talbot, MacKinnon, Agozzino, Hishon, Tanguay, Everberg, Briere, Bleackley, Vincour

Defense: Johnson, Siemens, Stuart, Redmond, Noreau, Bigras

Goalies: Pickard (starter), Aittokallio

No mention has been made of the coaching staff, I'm guessing Patrick will be at this game tho'.

Game 2 at the Honda Center in the OC [10:00pm ET, 7:00 lima]:

To enjoy this game head on over to the Ducks site (you can find that too, I know you can) and there ought to be a link to a radio feed awaiting. Live boxscore on or perhaps the Avs site too.

Rosters and game notes here.

Forwards: Street, Bourke, Winchester, Cliche, Carey, Meurs, Smith, Henley, Sgarbossa, Schumacher, McLeod, Maggio, Rendulic (one will not play)

Defense: Holden, Stollery, Guenin, Gervais, Wilson, Elliott

Goalies: Berra (starter), Will

Again, no mention of coaching staff. My pick is Tim Army, who has many years as a head coach in the AHL and NCAA and was at one time an assistant for the Ducks.

* * * * *

Some major players sitting out: Landy, Hejda, Radar, Barrie, Varly plus the wounded Smooth Johnny, Fatso and Bordy.

As you may have noticed, there is a slight talent discrepancy between the two split squads with perhaps the stronger team staying home. The Ducks have mirrored this to an extent. If I was a betting man, I'd take the home teams in an exacta.