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Open Thread: MHH Week in Review 9/27/14

Not happy
Not happy
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning all! The Avs are scheduled to return to Colorado today and rest up for the big matchup against the Flames tomorrow night. Not that pre-season matters, but it might be time to finally win a game.

- The Avs saw their pre-season record drop to 0-4 last night against the Habs

- Eurolanche is reporting that Roman Will shall join the Monsters tomorrow, no word from the team so we may be seeing another round of cuts today. Stay tuned.

- Still no word from the team (again) or those covering it on injuries to Tomas Vincour (vs Ducks last Sunday) and Ben Street (vs Habs on Thursday). Maybe if we never talk about them, they'll just go away.

- Big week ahead:

Sunday 6pm MT vs Flames

Tuesday 7pm MT at Calgary

Also on Tuesday, Monsters Training Camp opens in Cleveland

Thursday 7pm MT vs Kings at Colorado Springs

Friday 7pm ET Monsters vs Griffins at Windsor

Saturday 7pm ET Monsters vs Griffins at Fort Wayne

Saturday 8pm MT vs Kings at Las Vegas

Please adjust your schedule accordingly.