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Avs Re-Sign D Tyson Barrie

Doug Pensinger

The Colorado Avalanche Twitter feed just announced that the club has re-signed it's last remaining RFA of interest, D Tyson Barrie. The contract is indeed the two-year deal that has been heavily speculated as the classic "bridge" contract as Barrie approaches UFA status in a couple of years. Financial details were not immediately disclosed with the announcement.

This announcement comes as a relief to many an Avs fan who was starting to get nervous as September had started and the Newport Sports Management Inc. client remained unsigned. Based on the company's recent history with the Avs, the complete lack of controversy involved in the Barrie re-signing represents a welcome change of culture and hopefully sets this up to be a long-lasting and harmonious relationship.

Barrie was the breakout star of the Avs defense last year in the second half as the turn of the calendar meant it was time for Barrie to unleash hell and spark and Avs offense that suffered through a Duchene goal-scoring slump that lasted for 1/4th of the season and his subsequent injury.

Speaking of injury, Barrie looks to come into camp healthy following the ugly knee injury suffered in last season's playoffs at the hands of notorious scumbag Matt Cooke.

tl:dr Hooray we signed Barrie! Now Bob can focus all of his energy on running Papa O'Reilly's tweets into the ground and leave behind the signing shtick until next summer.

EDIT: According to Elliotte Friedman, the AAV is $2.6M per, making the contract a 2-year, $5.2M deal.

MORE EDITS: According to Chambers, the deal will pay Barrie $2M in the upcoming season and $3.2M in the second season, leaving the RFA with a very fair qualifying offer in 2016.