Matt Cooke Thwapfest

Sorry Cheryl, I don't remember if you used "thwap" or "thwack" in your initial scolding yesterday.

So, sorry for the deceptive fanpost title, but I think this is going to be more of a farewell to MHH fanpost and an explanation of why I'm leaving. Bottom line, I guess, is that I'm not going to change (there's a fucking shocker, I know). I'm fucking 50 for crise sake. I find tremendous humor in repetition. That isn't going to change. I get extremely worked up over something as relatively trivial as outcomes related to my favorite sports team. That isn't going to change. I have used this site as an outlet for venting, an opportunity to be both informed and entertained, and mostly, as some sort of sick, twisted base for internet friendships with a bunch of folks who I've either never met or seen a handful of times. That was never going to change.

What has changed is the tone of this site over the last several months. I understand many of the changes that are being enforced. Contrary to whatever AJ may believe, I can live without pics of scantily clad women on this site. Good change. I was initially in the wrong to post about public enemy number one on the sexism article yesterday. Rightful moderation. What I do not appreciate, and I'd like to see this improve around here (even if I'm not around) is the tone of the moderation. Evidently combating inappropriate posts with condescending diatribes and personal insults, while at the same time ignoring personal insults elsewhere in the community, is the new acceptable norm here. This, unfortunately, has made this a less attractive place to hang around.

I'll miss most folks who interact here. I'll miss beating things like "learn choose" into the ground. I'll still be one of the, if not THE biggest Avalanche fans in the area. So I'll probably see some of you around.

Oh, and fuck Matt Cooke. In the ear. Hard and repeatedly. With a red hot, barbed, gigantic steel rod. Thwap thwap. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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