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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL January 13th, 2015

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Simon Gagne's father passed away, and the Bruins announced that he will not be returning for the remainder of the season due to personal reasons. []

The Montreal Canadiens played the France national anthem at a recent game. []

When the Preds are angry... well, you can tell. []

Who are the top 20 players that are expected to test the free agency market this summer? []

The Colorado Eagles were in a bind for a goalie, he hadn't had a start in seven years and won his first one. [Puck Daddy]

Don't expect Marc Stall to waive his NTC. []

Interested in reading about the history of fighting in hockey? []

Do 18 year olds belong in the NHL? MacKinnon says they do..., but what about the Oilers? []

Pierre, Eric and Max Lacroix will be in Quebec for the Pee-Wee tournament. {Article in French} []

Former ref Kerry Fraser explains offsetting penalties. []

The Sabres will be retiring Hasek's number. []

Guy Lafleur is suing cops for millions for being: wrongful arrested, charged and convicted. []