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The Waiver Wire

This week, Paul Stastny makes his way back to MHH and Mikael Backlund comes back from injury.

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Welcome back to another week of The Waiver Wire!  This week, Paul Stastny makes his way back to MHH and Mikael Backlund comes back from injury.  So let's take a look at our disappointments, pleasant surprises and my shot in the dark.

The Disappointments

Ryan Getzlaf – ANA – C – 100% owned

The Ducks only had two games in the past week, and both Corey Perry and the lone-Duck-All-Star Ryan Getzlaf had fairly tough outings.  But for a couple reasons, I decided to just put Getzlaf in this section.  In those two games, Getzlaf was 0-1-1 and was -4.  Getzlaf, although not known as a pure shooter, only had three shots as well.  Perry at least put up 8 shots in these two games.  What’s promising for the Ducks, and those that own any of the Ducks’ goaltenders, is that even though they played two not-so-great games, they still won one.  Look for Getzlaf to improve his game, as Perry is just recently returned from injury/illness.

Tyler Seguin – DAL – C – 100% owned

It felt like Tyler Seguin has been hot for the entire first half of the season.  This may be the first poor week he has had all year.  In 3 games, he put up 0-1-1 and was -4.  The good news is that he still took 11 shots.  The bad news, is that he has recently been dealing with an "illness" (mumps anyone?).  He may miss tonight’s game because of that, which obviously doesn’t make fantasy owners happy.  Once he gets his mojo back, he will be fine.  He almost already has 30 goals, and is quite over a point per game pace.  If you are in a keeper league, Seguin may be a player that you keep for the next 10 years.

Chris Kunitz – PIT – LW – 99% owned

Chris Kunitz is having an average season (for himself) but has really struggled in the past week.  He was moved back up to the first line to play with Crosby and Perron (just wait until Hornqvist is back, that line is going to tear it up) but has yet to see result.  Kunitz was so bad in this past week, that Yahoo! actually rated his week worse than Rick Nash, who didn’t even play.  That’s brutal.  In 3 games, Kunitz laid goose eggs and was -2.  He managed 5 hits and 1 blocked shot.  He took 5 shots, which to be honest, given how his week was going, could be worse.  Be patient with Kunitz, he will start to produce again, he just needs to get back into the swing of things.

The Pleasant Surprises

Justin Abdelkader – DET – LW, RW – 32% owned

It was tough for fantasy owners to see Jimmy Howard be stretchered off the ice and go down for 2-4 weeks but I am glad for him as a person that it wasn’t as serious as it looked.  On a more positive note for Red Wings fans, Justin Abdelkader had himself a hell of a week.  In 3 games, Abdelkader was 2-3-5 while remaining even on the week.  He slayed it on the power play, putting up 2 PPG and 1 PPA while remaining a physical presence with 10 hits.  He isn’t the type of player to remain a consistent scoring threat, but he averaged 18+ minutes in those three games, so it seems like he’s getting some extra ice time.  Given his position flexibility, he may not be a terrible pick up.

Paul Stastny – STL – C – 64% owned

This is in part, to troll, a little bit… But also, because Stastny deserves some recognition for the offensive numbers he put up over the past week, while I’m he playing good defensive hockey.  In 3 games, Stastny was 2-3-5 and was +1.  On top of that, both of his goals were game winning goals.  But here’s the kicker for me.  Paul Stastny had himself 12 shots in 3 games.  As a fantasy player, Stastny did everything that you wanted.  He produced at even strength, on the PP and shot the puck a bunch.  If you need some center depth, go for it!

Jonathan Huberdeau – FLA – C, LW – 38% owned

Slowly, but surely, Huberdeau is turning in to the type of player the Panthers wanted him to be.  It may take a couple more years, but if this past week is any indication of what he can be, then Florida has to be excited.  In three games this past week, Huberdeau was 3-2-5 and was +4.  If you were one of the 38% that owned him for this past week (and probably lower than that) than you should pat yourself on the back.  Huberdeau is another player with positional flexibility, and could help your team.

Shot in the Dark

Mikael Backlund – CGY – C – 5% owned

Mikael Backlund is finally back after missing 2 months due to abdominal surgery.  You know what he does in his first three games back?  Oh nothing much… except for putting up 3-2-5 while being +3.  One of those goals?  Shorthanded.  Throw in a few hits, a few blocks and 11 shots, and you have yourself one hell of a returning party.  Boy he is hot.  Let’s see how many other Flame-related puns we can make.  In all seriousness, he won’t be a bad pick-up because he’s on a team who is still doing relatively well, and is getting solid ice time.

Well folks, that about wraps it up.  What fantasy players are frustrating you?  Who is saving your team?  Who do you have an eye on?  Let me know what you want to see next week on The Waiver Wire.