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St. Louis and California give more [bleeps] than we do

But we're getting better. That counts, right?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The annual SBN "Who gave the most fucks?" article has been released, and while we increased our fucks given, we're still only ranking third among the SBN blogs. That's behind St. Louis Game Time and Battle of California.

Head on over and read the article as the formula at which these rankings were drawn is explained, but for a quick snapshot of the rankings, see below for the top 10 (in reverse order).

Now, to be fair, these numbers represent only the fucks given in the articles. Sadly, the commentator fucks don't count. That is a sad, sad shame.

Top Fucks Given 2014

To see it in a different light, here is a fuck metric, showing how many fucks were given compared with the total number of articles written. We are definitely lagging, folks.

Fuck metric