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Game 48 Preview: Trades a Bruin?

The Boston Bruins (25-16-6) visit the Colorado Avalanche (19-18-10) in the final game before the All Star Break.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

After a rough road trip that saw the Avs win just one game and net four points in five games, the Avalanche are back home and have slipped back down the standings. The Avs have gone from ahead of the Dallas Stars and three points out of a playoff spot to five points out and behind the Stars.

Many fans have long given up on the season and have called for the Avs to open up trade season. Rumors have Ryan O'Reilly being shopped for a defenseman. While a trade of that magnitude has its pluses and minuses, something tells me that Avalanche management isn't quite ready to pull the trigger on a trade that sends away such a valuable asset. If I were in the Avs' front office, I'd put all my chips on this final game before the break. If the Avs win tonight, it's time to pursue forward with the playoff plan. If not, it's time to let the UFAs and Ryan O'Reilly go.

The Avs opponent Wednesday night is the Boston Bruins. Sitting in the final wild card slot in the east, the Bruins have not been the force they have been in recent years this season. Plagued with injuries and a less than stellar offense, the Bruins have had to really work for their playoff position, but after a strong run of late, the Bruins look like they have cemented their spot among the east's top eight.












- Three is the magic number for the Bruins in 2015. Seven of their nine games so far this year have had the winner scoring three goals.

- Last year Jarome Iginla led the Bruins in goals. If he were still a Bruin, his 13 goals would lead the team.

- Like the Avalanche, the Bruins will have only one representative at the All Star game, Patrice Bergeron.


Game time: 8pm, MT