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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL January 22nd, 2015

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

ICYMI: Do Not Feed The Octopus posted this article about Geersten crushing the opposition in yesterday's Cupcakes. []

One of the fans that threw his Leafs jersey onto the ice is disgust, who was then banned from the arena, snuck bak in. []

Kadri is happy that those Leafs fans were punished. []

Rinaldo faces an in-person hearing for his hit on Letang, but asked about the hit he said: "Yeah, I changed the whole game, man," he said. "F-, who knows what the game would have been like if I didn't do what I did.". []

Hockey is growing in Kenya and Dubai. {Video, one labelled NSFW} []

Sean Avery proposes a new "Avery rule" for players - and their finances. []

This one is heavy on religion, but it discusses how NHL'ers find solace with God. []

A look at the Avs blue line. []

Don't forget that Papa John's is 50% off today! Avs won with 3 goals, so type in promo code AVS3 and rock the discount.