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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL January 23rd, 2015

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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

ICYMI: Landeskog fought Hamilton. []

In the same game Iginla passed Bossy and gets into the Top 20 on NHL Goal list. []

Shattenkirk discusses his last All Star appearance (representing the Avs) and the upcoming one. []

Speaking of the All Star event, the mascots will be in a showdown. []

Roenick and Jones picked the fantasy All-Star roster. []

Is the KBG responsible for Miracle on Ice? []

Some Canadian aerospace engineers have designed a stronger hockey stick. []

Why each team in the NHL doesn't deserve McDavid. []

That being said, Buffalo has the best shot at him. []

Miss Canada, at the Miss Universe pageant, wore hockey sticks and a scoreboard... []

What are some things we've learned thus far this season? []

Ah... hockey parents. This hockey dad got angry enough to break plexiglass. []

Who are the best possession players in the NHL at the halfway mark? []

Ray Whitney has announced his retirement. []

Please note:

News is coming out that the NHL has decided that every person, regardless of age, will need a ticket to get into the NHL All Star events. Typically a child under three got in for free. The NHL announced this only four days before the events. This is leaving some parents in a crunch. If you are going with some kiddos be warned. []